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Punchd Caffeine Energy Prezzo

by john-pinelli





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  • Punch’d Energy does the world really need another energy product?
  • executive summary We’ve created a coffee bean* caffeine energy formulation that TASTES GREAT and delivers the ENERGY BOOST we need and want without the glucose/sugar overload Target markets are “On the Go” caffeine enthusiasts, Health/Fitness and athletes, College students; Gamers; and Artists/Writers/Musicians The Brand is tongue in cheek, humorous, irreverent but at the same time cool with an “Awesome” name We have identified a pipeline of complimentary products and formulations rooted in science and tech such as focus, stamina, and hangover gummies that we want to launch *as opposed to a glucose/fructose, green tea, or chocolate energy
  • what’s a Punch’d Gummie? A gummie bear (or other shape ie: promo logo) with an attitude Caffeinated and grown-up little squishy that is also vitamin enhanced Each piece is ~1/2 cup of coffee in energy (IP: 20mg reduced bitterness bean caffeine formulation) A new, convenient and tasty way to get thru the day, or run a marathon
  • who are they for? EVERY DAY >90% of adults in the US consume caffeine Avg. caffeine intake is 200mg US Energy Drink market ~$20B Energy shot market is growing too ~$2B We represent a new and exciting category with a new twist on caffeine – making it clean and offering new delivery vehicles
  • the caffeine competition 5hr energy = 200mg of caffeine (10 PG’s) RedBull = 80mg (4 PG’s) Espresso = 77mg (4 PG’s) Cup of tea = 50mg (2 PG’s) Cup of Joe = 40mg (2 PG’s) Can of Coke = 32mg (2 PG’s) Scale: 1 Punch’d Gummie (PG) = 20mg caffeine
  • why do people want us? Shots have too much caffeine at once - hit the 200mg avg. too quickly (see absorption curve); liquids don’t travel well. Energy drinks have a lot of liquid and calories; many don’t like the taste; they include other questionable ingredients Espresso is expensive and not convenient to get all the time; it’s also a strong shot; taste can be bitter without sugar or lemon Cup of tea is a weaker form of caffeine Cup of Joe is a classic, and will always be a part of life but the huge Venti’s have a lot of calories and are $$$, where’s a diner? Can of Coke, or worse yet Diet Coke can be used as a paint thinner, road cleaner or worse and really doesn’t have that much caffeine per serving, but it does have 240 calories in it
  • our go to market product Firm matte finish gummie 4 flavors: cherry, lemon, lime, grape 20mg tasteless caffeine in each (1/2 hour energy using 5hr energy math) Other vitamins and minerals Poppable one-handed packaging Great taste, real caffeine energy
  • why this is different REAL CAFFEINE EFFECT Reduced bitterness caffeine formulation developed over 2 years TASTES GREAT, tasteless is also a good descriptor PORTABLE, CONVENIENT Travels and dispenses (vending machines, counters, pockets) On the go driving, taking a test, playing video games “Poppable” & manageable energy, an hour of energy at a time LOW cost, LOW calorie, LOW carbs Some don’t like the taste, calories and additives of energy drinks Some people can’t swallow pills (the original reason for gummy vitamins in the first place; re: caffeine pills) Volume 1950’s pricing goal: $0.25 for ~1/2 cup of coffee’s worth of energy
  • what we have Development and IP work over 2 years Product/Market data and knowledge Scientists working on next iterations and formulations The very best ingredient suppliers The largest Gummy MFGs in the US (10m+/PGs/day) The experience of 1st and 2nd samples and trials, with detailed feedback from market test groups helping us hone the product for mass market readiness
  • what we need Contributions on our Indiegogo page – Be a part of our Launch Team! Check out our “History of Caffeine” video, it’s intriguing because caffeine truly is a cherished, natural product and we need to clean it up to get back to basics Help get the word out, this is a product by the people for the people who care about caffeine
  • next steps Getting product into people’s hands Branding: Different shapes and packaging; Corporate branding partners; Student Brand Manager Program Promotions Tour - hand outs, free samples on campuses, at gyms, gas stations, airports, more Stretch goals: New formulations; Game/App; Merchandise and apparel
  • Thank-you Talk to us: 408.887.5057 415.839.5114
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