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Giordana Custom 2014

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Giordana Custom team apparel offerings for 2014.
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  • GIORDANACUSTOMUSA.COM WHAT MAKES GIORDANA BETTER? EXPERIENCE & QUALITY We have over thirty years of experience in the cycling community and continue to work closely with riders at all levels of the sport; including the top athletes in the world, to stay at the forefront of cycling innovation and technology. We offer a wide variety of proven quality garments, fabrics and chamois to ac- commodate all ability levels and every climate. ADVANCED PROCESS Our state-of-the-art facility just outside of Verona, Italy has improved and expanded our capabilities. Most importantly, it keeps all manufacturing processes under one roof, allowing us to monitor every step of the production and uphold our strict quality standards. GREEN INITIATIVES Our factory not only meets, but surpasses Europe’s strict environmental manufacturing standards. We have taken many steps toward making the process more green, and we continue to grow with this as a priority. All inks used are water based and excess ink is recycled. Transfer paper is also recycled along with excess fabric trimmings. Instead of artificial lighting, skylights are used to provide a natural light source, which significantly decreases energy consump- tion. As Giordana moves ahead we will strive to further lessen our impact on the environment and its resources. 24 HOURS OF BOOTY Giordana has been a proud supporter of 24 Hours of Booty since its inception in 2002. We are the official 24 Hours of Booty cycling apparel provider. 24 Hours of Booty, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. that provides extraordinary cycling events that are safe, fun, and open to all levels of cycling ability. Their mission is to conduct 24-hour cycling events that increase public awareness, funds, and support for the LIVESTRONG Foundation and local cancer organizations. LIVESTRONG PARTNERSHIP Giordana is proud to outfit teams and individuals for the numerous LIVESTRONG events throughout the country. We have an unparalleled passion for the sport of cycling and strive to help every individual achieve their highest level of success. GIORDANA VELODROME Giordana is the proud title sponsor for the new Giordana Velodrome located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. 3 CANYON BICYCLES
  • GIORDANACUSTOMUSA.COM READY TO START? STEP ONE: DECIDE IF YOU’RE A FULL OR NOW CUSTOM ORDER You can determine this by reading over our program options on page 6 or just give us a call and talk to a custom clothing specialist at 704.943.7914. STEP TWO: REVIEW PRODUCTION DATES FOR FULL CUSTOM ORDERS ONLY 1. January and February are our busiest production months. Orders placed in January may take up to 1-2 weeks longer than our standard 65 days. 2. April through July allow RE-ORDERS of existing artwork to be reproduced at a lower minimum order of 10 pieces of the same garment. 3. June 1st is the last day for approval of NEW artwork in order to receive your order before the factory’s annual August closure. June 15th is the last day for REORDERS in order to receive your order before the factory’s annual August closure. 4. October 15th is the last day to send approved artwork to our factory and avoid an extra 2 weeks added to your production time for the Christmas holiday factory closure. 5. October and November are the slowest times of our year and would be a good time to order and potentially receive your garments faster than our standard 65 days. STEP THREE: SELECT YOUR GARMENTS We offer a wide range of fabrics, garments and chamois. We now offer a BUILD YOUR ORDER tool on our website to help you quickly create estimates, play with quantity price breaks, artwork colors and learn about our many garment and accessory options. STEP FOUR: SUBMIT ARTWORK Send all your team’s artwork (design and logos) to the graphics department. Refer to the guidelines on page 9 for detailed instructions. Be sure to de- sign for all potential garments or accessories when working with our in-house graphic designers. STEP FIVE: SIZING KITS AVAILABLE It’s a great idea to get your group together to collect the quantities and sizes you will need. Both a sizing chart and description of the Giordana fit are available on our website. In addition, sizing kits are available upon request, so plan ahead if you’d like to have sample garments in hand when you pick your team’s sizes. STEP SIX: NEED HELP COLLECTING ALL THOSE ORDERS? We now offer to help save you time and streamline the process of collecting your team’s individual orders. It tracks and man- ages orders while keeping everything in one easy location! STEP SEVEN: COMPLETE THE ORDER FORM Download the appropriate Excel order form at our website or request the file from our custom department via e-mail at Print and fill out the form with a signature. Email, fax or mail your completed order form with a 50% deposit. Deposits may be paid by ACH debit, check or credit card. 5 GIORDANA 2014 CUSTOM CATALOG GIORDANA IS ALL UNDER ONE ROOF putting artwork on pattern templates burning the printing screen preparing the screen precisely cutting the fabric printing the transfer paper preparing garment pieces for print sewing the garments sewing the inserts into the shorts 4
  • GIORDANACUSTOMUSA.COM FULL CUSTOM PROGRAM The FULL CUSTOM fabrics and features have evolved as a result of the symbiotic relationship Giordana has enjoyed for over three decades with the teams and athletes we sponsor. The Giordana brand has grown over the years with the sport of cycling. As new materials and construction technologies develop, our teams put them to the ultimate test in competition. Similarly, we constantly solicit feedback from these athletes to evaluate every aspect of our apparel. We aim to understand what features they find most essential and what in the future they can imagine might improve their performance. All of this input is directly beneficial to the entire Giordana line. All fabrics and features are professional quality. Three full custom lines are available: VERO SCATTO FRC Highest performance fabrics and aggressive fitting garments The Classic line with the widest variety of garments Ultimate combination of value and performance available in jerseys & shorts/bib shorts 7 GIORDANA 2014 CUSTOM CATALOG WHICH PROGRAM IS BEST FOR YOU ? FULL CUSTOM PROGRAM Designed for the team or club that requires a broad range of garment choices printed with totally unique and personalized designs. Our in-house graphics department works in tandem with our manufacturing facility in Italy to take your order all the way from artwork conception to final printing. Whether your team or organization has completed artwork or merely a rough idea for a design, we will work with you through every stage to help you realize your vision. We recommend the FULL Custom option for those who want to order 30 or more pieces. Cost is based on the quantity of garments ordered and the num- ber of colors in the artwork. The FULL Custom program requires a minimum of 30 tops and/or 30 bottoms. Tops may be split between various jerseys and jackets as long as at least 10 pieces of each are ordered. Bottoms may be split between bibs, shorts and tights as long as at least 10 of each are ordered. Please note, skin suits count as tops and bottoms. Production time is typically 65 days after final artwork and order approval. Please allow 1-2 weeks additional time for shipping overseas and customs in- spection. NOW CUSTOM PROGRAM Accommodates customers who need jerseys on a short time line. It offers the design freedom of Giordana’s FULL Custom program, but with a fast turn- around, unlimited color and no-minimums. Now Custom offers men’s and women’s short sleeve full, hidden zip jerseys. The jerseys are cut from Italian fabric in our Bonferraro, Italy, factory, shipped and stored in our Charlotte, N(ow) C(ustom) warehouse. Once you have finalized artwork with our in house designer, the jerseys are printed digitally, and then sewn and assembled - all within 75 miles of our Charlotte home office. Turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks, with rush capabilities. 6
  • GIORDANACUSTOMUSA.COM 9 ARTWORK GUIDELINE DETAILS Our graphics department works on the Apple Macintosh OS X platform with Adobe® CS6 programs. Artwork and logos should be submitted in an Adobe Illustrator file. All type should be supplied in outline form. Colors should reference the Pantone® Matching System, set solid coated. CUSTOMERS ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR OBTAINING PROPER PERMISSION FOR THE USE OF ALL LOGOS BEFORE SUBMITTING THEM. LOGOS MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH ALL BRAND IDENTITY REQUIREMENTS INCLUDING TRADEMARKS (™) AND/OR REGISTRATION MARKS (®). LOGO FILES CAN BE ACCEPTED VIA EMAIL, FTP SITE, OR ON A CD AND WILL BE IMPLEMENTED EXACTLY AS THEY ARE RECEIVED. Files will be accepted via email, uploaded to an ftp site or on a CD. | 704.943.7904 Mocks are available to download from our website or you can contact us directly. If you create your own artwork, our graphics department will then put your design onto pattern for final approval. It is NOT possible for outside designers to work on our patterns. We offer a wide variety of garments and accessories for both winter and summer. Be sure to plan ahead for reorders if you anticipate your order growing. A 50% deposit is required upon receipt of your order. The balance will be due when your order ships. Deposits may be paid by ACH debit, check or credit card. GIORDANA 2014 CUSTOM CATALOG HOW TO GET 15% OFF The Giordana Sponsorship option gets you a 15% discount in exchange for giving Giordana either the side panels or shoulder locations on your tops. Please note this is in addition to our STANDARD BRANDING. Standard branding is located on the upper chest, both sleeves and the back pocket on all tops and two times on all bottoms. Sponsorship only applies to our FULL CUSTOM and NOW CUSTOM orders. Ask us about it! All the Giordana logos shown above in RED are our standard branding and will be printed on all garments. STANDARD BRANDING SPONSORSHIP BRANDING For 15% off your order, you can give the Giordana logo the SIDE PANEL locations OR You can give the Giordana logo the SHOULDER PANEL locations. 8
  • 11 ALPINE WINDFRONT JACKET The Alpine Windfront Jacket features front panels of WindTex wind resistant fabric and back panels of Thermosquare for comfort and breathability. This garment offers the widest range of cold weather protection. Features a full zip (black or white). RAINTEX JACKET & VEST The Raintex Jacket and Vest are constructed with mainly Raintex fabric. The backs, pockets and side panels are made of Kite mesh. Includes silicon beaded waistbands, elastic cuffs, full zippers and 3 pockets. Both garments are a slimmer euro-fit. CORSA JACKET & VEST The Corsa Jacket now has a detachable sleeve option. It is two great winter pieces in one! The front panels are multi- layer WindTex to help resist wind and water. Breathable Roubaix panels are on back, sides and under sleeves allowing garments to follow body contours for close fit. Three external rear pockets and full zip (black or white). SHORT & LONG SLEEVE SKIN SUITS The upper is a Raglan shoulder design with side panels and an invisible zipper. The bottoms use the same artwork and pattern as your bib shorts or shorts. The entire suit is made of Moxie 200 gram. The Moxie has ultra violet protection and is UPF 50+. Available in Super Roubaix™. Includes standard issue MC-3 and WMC-3 inserts. Upgrade available for the Cirro or Cirro W pad. VERO CUSTOM OPTIONS WOMENS GIORDANA 2014 CUSTOM CATALOG 10 LONG SLEEVE JERSEY Available in Pro-fit or Euro-fit or Women’s Contour fit. The Pro-fit is longer and bigger in the chest, shoulders, sleeves and arm cuffs. The Euro-fit is slimmer with an aggressive performance fit that moves with your body while on the bike. Constructed with Thermosquare fleeced knit fabric for increased warmth. Features a full hidden zip. SHORT SLEEVE & SLEEVELESS JERSEYS Available in Pro-fit, or Euro-fit and Women’s Contour fit. The Pro-fit is a Raglan shoulder jersey that is longer and bigger in the chest, shoulders, sleeves and arm cuffs. The Euro-fit are slimmer Raglan shoulder jerseys with an aggressive performance fit that moves with your body while on the bike. All are made with Michron microfiber fabric. Euro and Pro-fit are available with mesh sleeves and side panels for hotter conditions. Features a full hidden zip. VERO CUSTOM OPTIONS WOMENSEURO FITPRO FIT WOMENSEURO FITPRO FIT
  • 13 Giordana’s FULL Custom program offers an ar- ray of Lycra® and Roubaix colors to help meet your unique design style. All colors use the Pantone Solid Coated set if you need to color match. The Lycra® is available in all the colors seen below. The Roubaix is only available in black, titanium grey, turquoise, royal blue, navy blue, lime green or red. white black titanium | 433 c silver 443 c turquoise | 3115 c Italia blue | 7461 c royal blue | 2738 c navy blue | 289 c purple | violet c jade green | 3288 c TDF green | 341 c lime green | 7482 c TDF yellow | 109 c red | 185 c orange | 7417 c Giro pink | 190 c magenta | 227 c KNICKERS, BIB TIGHTS & TIGHTS The knickers are constructed of Super Roubaix fabric printed with the same artwork and pattern as your bib shorts or shorts. Includes standard issue MC-3 and WMC-3 inserts. Upgrade available for the Cirro or Cirro W pad. Full length Super Roubaix tights are printed using the same artwork and pattern as your bib shorts or shorts. Standard issue is without an insert. An insert may be added for an additional charge. GIORDANACUSTOMUSA.COM VERO CUSTOM BOTTOM OPTIONS GIORDANA 2014 CUSTOM CATALOG 12 VERO BIB SHORTS & SHORTS The Vero bib shorts and shorts are made of Moxie 200 gram nylon/spandex and feature a printed back panel and side panels. The side panels have integrated accent panels on the front and back allowing graphics to wrap around the thigh. The bib straps are made of breathable, wicking micromesh to keep you cool and dry and incorporate a handy built-in pocket for electronic devices. All fabric has ultra vio- let protection and is UPF 50+. Seams are finished with four needle flat-stitching. Includes standard issue MC-3 and WMC-3 inserts. Upgrade available for the Cirro or Cirro W pad. WOMENS BIB SHORT VERO CUSTOM BOTTOM OPTIONS WOMENS SHORT
  • GIORDANACUSTOMUSA.COM 15 SOCKS Custom socks are available in a regu- lar, short or tall cuff height. Minimum order is 120 pairs. LYCRA & WINDTEX SHOE COVERS The Lycra shoecover is made of Moxie 200 gram fabric. The Windtex cover is WindTex fabric composed of three layers. The out- ermost layer is smooth and resistant to wind. The middle layer is a semi-permeable membrane that protects from rain, but allows vaporized perspiration to escape. Inner layer is a soft-brushed material that retains warmth. The total minimum order is 30 pieces and may be combined with the Lycra shoe cover to reach the minimum with at least 10 of each style. PRINTED ARM WARMERS Our arm warmers are identical to your long sleeve jersey artwork. There is no print charge. Made of breathable Super Roubaix fabric, they fit comfortably under your short sleeve jerseys for added warmth in colder conditions. Minimum is order of 10. (It is possible to do different artwork, but a 30 piece minimum is required and there is a fee of $5 dol- lars per color.) VERO CUSTOM ACCESSORY OPTIONS PRINTED KNEE & LEG WARMERS 100% printed knee and leg warmers made of breathable Super Roubaix fabric. The total minimum order is 30 pieces and there must be at least 10 of each style. GIORDANA 2014 CUSTOM CATALOG 14 CYCLING CAP Screen printed 100% cotton drill caps are a terrific promotional item for sponsors or teams. Minimum order is 200 caps. Need artwork for a quote. Production is typically 6 weeks. Additions: * 4 grommets on top of cap for improved breathability * antibacterial ‘head-band’ on inside brim * pre-dyed stock ribbons WINDTEX Winter Caps are avail- able. Front panel is constructed with WindTex material. The remainder of the cap, including ear flaps, is made of Roubaix fabric. The minimum order is 30. EARBAND/HEADCOVER The WindTex earband is designed up keep your head warm in cold condi- tions. The total minimum order is 30 pieces and can be combined with the head cover to reach the minimum with at least 10 of each style. LYCRA SUMMER GLOVES Racing style gloves with printed Moxie back. Kinderpoint™ palms grip bars well and are lightly padded for good road feel. Tab closure with Velcro® fastener. There is no print charge. Minimum order is 10. CORSA WINTER GLOVES A WindTex full-finger winter glove that shares the same artwork as the summer glove. Features light padding on the palm. Minimum order is 10. VERO CUSTOM ACCESSORY OPTIONS
  • GIORDANACUSTOMUSA.COM Giordana’s SCATTO bib shorts/shorts non-printed panels are available in the following stock colors: black blue prussia 2738 c navy 289 c red 185 c titanium | 433 c 17 SCATTO CUSTOM OPTIONS • Fine mesh bib strap uppers • Zaffiro™ anti-abrasion material • Aloe infused chamois BIB SHORTS/SHORTS Giordana’s SCATTO shorts and bib shorts non-printed panels are made with a textured Zaffiro™ fabric that is an anti-abrasion mate- rial. The printed panels are made with Shield Endurance™ fabric. Printable Aerolite™ leg bands hold the shorts close to the body dur- ing use. Bottoms are finished with four needle flat-stitched seams and reflective accents. Scatto shorts and bib shorts come with our top of the line Cirro OF chamois with aloe vera infusion. Also avail- able in women’s specific and -3 cm inseam. GIORDANA 2014 CUSTOM CATALOG 16 SCATTO CUSTOM OPTIONS SHORT SLEEVE JERSEY An aggressive race fit combines elements from our standard and premium level collections. Scatto short sleeve jersey has Gi27 front and side panels. Host Carbon™ back panel offers benefits of carbon and stabilizes pockets with its two-directional stretch. Asteria™ 2.0 shoulders are ultra light and stretchy for a snug and flexible fit throughout a range of motion. Micromesh inserts found under the arms allow for more ventilation where needed most. And the jersey is finished with a silicon injected gripper elastic at the waist to hold the jersey in place. Also available in women’s specific. • Micromesh shoulder panel with 4 needle flat-stitched accent seams • Host Carbon™ fabric benefits • Reflective tabs on rear pocket
  • GIORDANACUSTOMUSA.COM 19 JACKET The FRC jacket is constructed of a printable version of the power- ful three layer HD44 fabric. The outer shell is comprised of high density aerodynamic outer weave. The middle is an ultra-fine and super elastic WindTex membrane that blocks elements on the front side wile allowing excess vapors to escape from inside. The innermost layer has both an antibacterial and a rapid wick- ing treatment to quickly move moisture away from the body. The lightweight and breathable Aerofix AV Gripper System™ used at the waist holds the jacket in place with a seamless feel. Other fea- tures include a wind flap behind the Camlock™ zip, doubled Super Roubaix arm cuffs, a fully lined tall collar and three rear pockets with a fourth reflective zippered pocket. Reflective piping on the pockets to aid in visibility. SHORT/LONG SLEEVE SPEED SUITS A sleek garment constructed mostly of our printable Shield Endurance™ fabric, these speed suits are very form fitting. Aerofix leg and arm bands hold the garment close to the body. Mesh panels located on upper back and lower back legs add more ventilation. FR-C CUSTOM OPTIONS TRI TOP & TRI SHORT The tri top front panel features the incredibly lightweight 130 gram Asteria 2.0 fabric. It pro- vides elasticity and excellent wicking capabili- ties. Asteria 2.0™ provides an ultra smooth and aerodynamic surface. The back panel is com- posed of Host Carbon™, chosen for its elastic composition that molds to, and moves with, the triathlete in motion. Highly breathable and has added ability to speed moisture away from the skin. ¾ hidden zipper and features 2 easy access pockets in the back. Women specific version available. Tri shorts are made of Moxie nylon/spandex fabric with a 210 gram weight fabric. It is treat- ed to promote fast wicking and evaporation of moisture. The printed panels are made with high compression Shield Endurance™ fabric. The Aerolite leg bands are printable and utilize silicon injected threads to keep the shorts in place and give the rider a minimalist feeling. The tri shorts feature our MS-Mini chamois and a small gel pocket inside the shorts. Women’s version available with -3cm inseam and a wide yoga style waist band. TRI SUIT The Giordana custom tri suit features the same attributes as our tri top and tri shorts. Designed primarily as a long course suit, it features 2 easy access rear pockets and a ¾ hidden front zipper. MS-Mini insert provides enough padding for the ride without hindering the swim or run. All fabric has ultra violet pro- tection and is UPF 50+. GIORDANA 2014 CUSTOM CATALOG 18 SHORT SLEEVE JERSEY Front shoulders, sleeves, collar and pockets are made of ultra-light and super soft Asteria 2.0 fabric which is an omnidirectional stretch for optimal fit. On the side and back panels, Host Carbon™ limits the verti- cal stretch, stabilizing the pockets to prevent sag when they’re loaded. Micromesh inserts under arms allows for maximum breathability. At the cuffs, Ametista is backed with Antigua™ to form the Aerofix Gripper System, which holds the jersey perfectly in place with a seamless feel. Four needle flat-stitched seams throughout. Silicone injected gripper at rear waist. Features a reverse Camlock full zip for a clean look and easy adjustment on the bike. Zipper garage at bottom prevents snags. Three rear cargo pockets with fourth zippered pocket with reflectivity and pull tab. BIB SHORTS/SHORTS & GLOVES Constructed of Zaffiro™, a durable 200 gram certified power Lycra, where shorts meet seat for reducing abrasion. Sides and rear panel are printable Shield™ fabric. Carbon threaded Ametista™ material is used in the bib uppers for core contour paneling. Aerofix is used on the leg cuffs for a comfortable fit that easily stays in place while riding. No seams are used at all in the uppers, which lie completely flat and smooth against the body. Reflective elements add visibility to the legs. The bibs and shorts feature Giordana’s Cirro OmniForm™ insert for maximum protection and comfort. FRC glove has a slightly longer wrist than a regular glove and uses Shield Endurance Lycra. Stays tight to the wrist by using our liquid elastic treatment, no hook & loop closure. FR-C CUSTOM OPTIONS
  • NOW CUSTOM PROGRAM GIORDANACUSTOMUSA.COM 21 LAST BALLGREER & WALKERBLOODY ELL HENDRICK LEXUS RIDE TZTEAM PJ INDIANA UNIVERSITY NOW CUSTOM PROGRAM NOW CUSTOM PROGRAM Our NOW custom jersey option can accommodate customers who need jerseys on a short time line. NOW Custom offers the design freedom of Giordana’s FULL Custom program, but with a fast turn around and no minimums. NOW Custom gives you the great Giordana quality and fit you are accustomed to, with the convenience of unlimited colors and a no minimum order. Giordana’s NOW Custom Program offers men’s and women’s jerseys that are cut from Italian fabric in our Bonferraro, Italy factory. The unassembled pieces are then shipped and stored in our North Carolina warehouse. Once you have finalized your artwork with our in-house designer, the jerseys are printed us- ing digital dye sublimation, assembled and sewn - all within 75 miles of our Charlotte home office. Turn around time is 4 to 6 weeks from order approval date. M aterial so urced and laser cut in Italy P ieces d ig itally p rinted in N o rth C aro lina Jerseys assem b led and sew n in N o rth C aro lina GIORDANA 2014 CUSTOM CATALOG 20
  • CHAMOIS INFO Cirro W OmniFormTM Pad The Women’s Cirro O.F. insert has been specifically designed for Giordana’s top-of- line women’s bibs and shorts. The thickness of the Cirro O.F. varies. The uppermost layer of the Cirro utilizes a special Nylon microfiber that incorporates Aloe Vera which is permanently incorporated into the material. The Aloe cools, protects, fights bacteria and even heals the skin while the rider is in the saddle. Below this layer is a second layer of expanded memory foam with a waffled texture that aids in ventila- tion and perspiration management. The foam is bonded on the bottom with an ultra-fine protective liner. Underneath the upper layer is a section of open cell pad- ding cut in a unique smaller shape that protects and supports the rider at crucial points against the saddle.(Standard in FR-C Custom and a $5.00 up charge for the FULL custom program) Cirro OmniFormTM Pad The Cirro O.F.™ pad has been specifically designed for Giordana’s top-of-the-line bibs and shorts. The thickness of the Cirro O.F. varies and is 14mm at its thickest point. The uppermost layer of the Cirro utilizes a special Nylon microfiber that incorporates Aloe Vera, which is perma- nently incorporated into the material. The Aloe cools, protects, fights bacteria and even heals the skin while the rider is in the saddle. Below this uppermost layer is a 4mm thick expanded memory foam with a waffled texture which aids in ventilation and perspiration management. The foam is bonded on the bottom with an ultra-fine protective liner. Underneath the upper layers is a 8mm thick section of open cell padding cut in a unique smaller shape that protects and supports the rider at crucial points against the saddle. (Standard in FR-C Custom & Scatto Cus- tom and a $5.00 up charge for the Vero custom) MC3-OmniFormTM Pad The MC3-O.F. insert is a one piece, seamless insert that is both lightweight and flexible. Made of polyester microfi- ber, it is designed to adapt to the con- tours of the body in motion, permitting natural movement. It is constructed with differential thickness to provide more protection where needed while guaran- teeing softness and comfort. WMC3-OmniFormTM Pad WMC-3 is specially designed for use in our women’s shorts. The pad is a result of a study focused on female body move- ments when pedaling, taking into account a woman’s different protection needs. The WMC-3 is also molded using Giordana’s HF™ (High Frequency) OmniForm™ processing technique to obtain a soft and extremely flexible insert. The pad is a single, seamless component with differentiated thickness to contour to the body and allow full freedom of movement. The advent of the WMC-3 makes shorts of the highest quality, comfort and performance available to women. MS-MINITM Pad The MS-Mini is a one piece seam- less multi-sport insert that provides lightweight non-restrictive comfort. The thin foam pad moves easily and won’t become heavy if it’s worn in water, making it ideal for use in Tri- athlon garments. Because it’s invis- ible, the MS-Mini is a perfect insert for indoor cycling garments as well. With its smooth Lycra® inner surface, the MS Mini is hardly noticeable as it works to provide you with cush- ioned comfort as you ride. GIORDANA 2014 CUSTOM CATALOG 22 Closest to the body is a soft-brushed material that retains warmth. RAINTEX® A semi-permeable membrane that pro- tects from rain, but allows vaporized perspiration to escape. The membrane regulates body temperature by repel- ling wind and water and maintaining a consistent microclimate between the skin and the material. The newest versions of the fabric are more flexible than ever, stretching with the body in motion. MOXIE™ Moxie nylon/spandex fabric is a 200 g/m2 weight fabric used in Sport level bibs and shorts. It is treated to promote fast wicking and evaporation of moisture. This treatment means that perspiration will not be trapped next to the skin, so riders will feel cooler and drier. AEROLITE™ Giordana’s new premium level gripper is a 53 mm wide printed band used for the FRC and Scatto collection cuffs. Aero- lite™ is ultra thin, holding the garment in place with silicone threads that are woven through the fabric. This material composition creates the perfect amount of traction without constricting. HOST CARBON™ Host Carbon fabric is a 135 g/m2 weight material chosen for its elastic composition that molds to, and moves with, the cyclist in motion. It is highly breathable and has added abilities to speed moisture away from the skin to maintain a consistent temperature throughout activity. Carbon shields the body from absorbing static energy, electrosmog and UV rays. It is naturally antibacterial and inhibits the development of odor causing bacteria. The carbon fibers also speed evaporation of moisture from perspiration, keeping the skin cool and dry. MICHRON™ A 100% polyester microfiber yarn that moves moisture off the skin more rapidly than ever before. The unique miniature honeycomb textured knit allows air flow to keep you cool. UPF 38+ SUPER ROUBAIXTM A microfiber version of our Roubaix, a special interlocking knit that fits like nylon/spandex but thicker. Super Roubaix moves moisture more efficiently and has better breathability. Garments made with Super Roubaix have slightly higher compression effects, which provide a massaging effect on muscles. WINDTEX® WindTex fabric is composed of three layers. The outermost layer is smooth and resistant to wind, while the middle is a semi-perme- able membrane that protects from rain, but allows perspiration to vaporize and escape. FABRIC INFO to the skin. Gi27’s structure ensures it stretches and conforms to the body in motion and returns to its shape after every ride. Gi27 has an excellent rate of moisture movement, pulling perspiration quickly away from the body to keep the rider dry during exertion. ZAFFIRO™ A 200 g/m2 certified power Lycra material used in bibs and shorts for panels that contact the saddle. Zaffiro is an innovative anti-abrasion fabric that reduces friction during the pedal stroke. It is manufactured using a unique multifilament poly- amide, power Lycra yarns, and the latest SUPER 40 generation weaving technology. Its properties of high compactness and density, as well as its balanced multidirectional elasticity, offer outstanding durability. UPF 50+ SHIELD ENDURANCE™ Shield Endurance is a 240 g/m2 certi- fied power Lycra that is manufactured using exclusive super dull polyester yarn, elastomer and the latest SUPER 40 generation weaving technology. It is an ideal fabric to utilize for printed sportswear because of its resistance to release color. Even after many uses and washes the colors remain vibrant and won’t run. Due to its special dense polyester yarn, Shield offers opaque coverage even in white. UPF 50+ AEROFIX™ Aerofix™ is a double layer fabric com- prised of carbon threaded Ametista™ on the outside and red perforated Antigua™ on the inside. When used at the hem, the Aerofix Gripper System™ effectively secures garments in place during exercise. UPF 50+ ASTERIA 2.0™ Incredibly lightweight at 130 g/m2, Asteria 2.0 is an 85% polyester microfi- ber that utilizes a compact weave of 44 threads per cm, which provides micro- compression and better coverage than its predecessor. This fine knit incorpo- rates 14% spandex for elasticity and has excellent wicking capabilities. The inner layer is textured to create air pockets that facilitate breathability, while micro perforations increase ventilation. In ad- dition, Asteria 2.0 receives a treatment that aids in moisture management so the material dries even more rapidly. Asteria 2.0 provides an ultra-smooth and aerodynamic surface and is re- served for jerseys in the premium collec- tions. UPF 50+ Gi27™ A jersey material selected for its ex- cellent elasticity, wicking abilities and colorfastness, Gi27 has a multifilament polyester composition with interlocking knit. The fabric is put through a special hydrophylic treatment process to make it smooth and enhance its softness, which makes it very comfortable next GIORDANACUSTOMUSA.COM 23
  • GIORDANA CUSTOM APPAREL Our programs bring professional level cycling to your local shop, team or club. The patterns, fabrics and printing knowledge that go into the clothing worn by top professional riders will make your custom clothing stand out in the pack. Most of all, your riders benefit from the proven performance features of Giordana apparel. GIORDANA 2014 CUSTOM CATALOG WWW.GIORDANACUSTOMUSA.COM
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